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syntax = "proto3";
package roughtime.config;
// These protobufs are only used with JSON serialisation so we attempt to emit
// as little C++ code as possible.
option optimize_for = CODE_SIZE;
// ServersJSON represents a JSON format for distributing information about
// Roughtime servers.
message ServersJSON {
// created contains the RFC3339 time when the JSON file was created.
string created = 1;
// expires contains the RFC3339 time when the information in this JSON file
// expires.
string expires = 2;
repeated Server servers = 3;
// Server represents a Roughtime server in a JSON configuration.
message Server {
string name = 1;
// public_key_type specifies the type of the public key contained in
// |PublicKey|. Normally this will be "ed25519" but implementations should
// ignore entries with unknown key types.
string public_key_type = 2;
bytes public_key = 3;
repeated ServerAddress addresses = 4;
// ServerAddress represents the address of a Roughtime server in a JSON
// configuration.
message ServerAddress {
string protocol = 1;
// address contains a protocol specific address. For the protocol "udp", the
// address has the form "host:port" where host is either a DNS name, an IPv4
// literal, or an IPv6 literal in square brackets.
string address = 2;
// Chain represents a history of Roughtime queries where each provably follows
// the previous one.
message Chain {
repeated Link links = 1;
// Link represents an entry in a Chain.
message Link {
// public_key_type specifies the type of public key contained in
// |PublicKey|. See the same field in |Server| for details.
string public_key_type = 1;
bytes server_public_key = 2;
// nonce_or_blind contains either the full nonce (only for the first |Link|
// in a |Chain|) or else contains a blind value that is combined with the
// previous reply to make the next nonce. In either case, the value is 64
// bytes long.
bytes nonce_or_blind = 3;
// reply contains the reply from the server.
bytes reply = 4;